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If you or a loved one has been arrested, every second counts. Make sure the bail bondsman you choose is right for your situation.
Ira Judelson, Bail Bondsman Contributor

Nobody likes lawyers until they need one. When you only get one shot, make sure you have the best on your side. There are many lawyers out there. That doesn't mean they are all right for you.
Evan Wiederkehr, Family Attorney Contributor

Making difficult decisions at crucial times can be easy, when you have the knowledge to make them. Due diligence when searching for an attorney is always important.
Dawn Florio, Criminal Defense Attorney Contributor

Uncovering the truth requires the skills and talents of varied professionals. JammedUp provides you that special team and sense of security.
Richard Greco, Private Investigator Contributor

Laws aren't just rules written in old books - the law is alive! Learn it, embrace it, use it and grow with it.
Catherine Cioffi, J.D., Former WCBS Reporter Contributor