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JammedUp helps you find new clients and grow your business. Clients tell us about their needs and we send you the details (for free). If you think you can help, respond with a custom proposal.

Create your profile

  • Upload a photo
  • List your areas of practice
  • Display your qualifications

We send you leads

  • Potential clients come to JammedUp looking for legal help.
  • They answer specific questions about their needs.
  • We review every lead to ensure it's legitimate.

You decide how to respond

  • We send you a notification letting you know a new lead has been posted in your area.
  • You can review the basic lead information, free.
  • If you are interested and qualified, send the client a proposal.

Send a proposal

  • Your proposal includes a personal message and price estimate.
  • We automatically send your JammedUp profile with the proposal.
  • You only pay when you send a proposal with JammedUp credits.

Get hired

  • The client compares proposals and decides who best suits their needs.
  • We send you a notification when your proposal is accepted along with the client's contact details.
  • Get in touch with the client and help guide them through the legal process.

Hear it from our users

Dawn F.

Being able to review leads for free has significantly cut down my monthly marketing costs.

- Lawyer
George P.

I received a new client within the first week of creating my account. Very pleased.

- Private Investigator
Evan W.

After I started using JammedUp my conversion rates exceptionally increased.

- Lawyer